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		                                    Celebrating 25 Years		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">Since its inception in 1997, the Sephardic Kehila Centre has been the home of countless Sephardic families in search of community, spirituality, and Jewish values and education.</span>
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		                                    Our Rabbi		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">Rabbi David Kadoch has been leading our congregation since 2019 and is ready to welcome you to our family.</span>
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		                            	Contact the Rabbi		                            </a>
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		                                    Weddings		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">A popular synagogue destination for your wedding.</span>
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		                                    Join our family		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">Free 1st year membership to couples married at the Sephardic Kehila Centre</span>
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		                                    Caterer		                                </span>
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		                                    Bar Mitzvah		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description">Celebrate your son's bar mitzvah with our exceptional Tefila service and cantorship.</span>

      Welcome to the Sephardic Kehila Centre

Our philosophy is to provide you with the best possible means to nourish, support and strengthen your cultural and spiritual connections. No matter which generation you are from, or which Jewish tradition you embrace, at the Sephardic Kehila Centre you can enjoy an exceptional range of family oriented facilities and activities, from the social, to the sacred.

Our building is bustling from morning until nightfall. Daily minyanim and Torah classes are available around the clock to suit your spiritual desires. Looking for some fun too? Our Centre provides many entertaining activities and events throughout the year that cater to all age groups. Our weekly bulletin can be found here.

For more information on any of these resources, click on any of the links above or contact our office.

           Upcoming Events                 Zemanim

All Events
  • Sunday ,
    JanJanuary  22 , 2023
    Confrontations With Amalek
    Sunday, Jan 22nd 8:00a to Shabbat, Dec 30th 8:00p
    This Book Is Original in its content. It takes us through the Jewish people's encounters with Amalek from biblical times until today.


  • Monday ,
    JunJune  12 , 2023
    Lindsay Soberano
    Monday, Jun 12th 8:00a to 12:00p
    Minyan in main sanctuary with breakfast in the restaurant


  • Monday ,
    JunJune  19 , 2023
    Monday, Jun 19th 8:00p to 9:30p
    Get ready to feel energized and inspired as Esther Willinger, a life coach and breath-work instructor, guides us through a transformative experience. We'll explore the connection between our mind, body and soul through music, body and breath-work. Take some time for yourself and join us for a rejuvenating evening.


  • Thursday ,
    JunJune  22 , 2023
    Marc Hazout
    Thursday, Jun 22nd 6:45a to 12:00p



Alot Hashahar 4:24am
Earliest Talit - Tefilin 4:28am
Sunrise 5:36am
Latest Shema 9:26am
Zman Tefillah 10:43am
Hatsot (Mid-Day) 1:17pm
Minha Gedola 1:56pm
Plag HaMincha 7:22pm
Candle Lighting 8:40pm
Sunset 8:58pm
Nightfall 9:53pm
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Fri, 9 June 2023 20 Sivan 5783